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Feb. 17th, 2006

10:03 am - Crazy Feb

So February has been crazy busy so far and it's not letting up!!!! First my family (minus one) came to visit!!! Yay!!! But then they left and now i'm in a serious funk because i miss them too much!!!! But now i'm getting ready to go to the TYT festival in Chaing Mai where i'll be till monday. When i come back to site on monday I'll be bringing a volunteer trainee in tow. I'll get to entertain her untill wednesday when she leaves for her site visit!! I'm so excited about all of it but man can a girl get a break!!!! Busy busy busy!!! I'm also planning a vacation to Vietnam in April!!! How cool is that!!! Well got to go finish doing laundry!!!!
more later..........

Jan. 18th, 2006

03:01 pm - Only a year left

Can you believe that i've been here for just over a year!!! Unbelieveable!!! I have just over one more year to go....and there are days when that feels like too long!!! So far this month is going kinda slow....but that's because i don't have much to do. But next month is going to fly by!! My parents are coming with my two younger sisters at the beginning of the month. Then I have a theater festival i'm helping to organize and am going to in chaing mai on the 18th and 19th. Hey we are raising money for it so donate if you can...the website is®ion=asia
we need money so donate now!!!!! Other than that not much is going on. The holidays were to spend christmas with some other volunteers and we cooked all sorts of crazy food!! New years i spent with a thai woman i am friends with and her family. It was a lot of traveling!!!
I've discovered a way to keep stella occupied for awhile....give her a rawhide bone.....she's actually letting me type on my computer without driving me crazy!!!
Okay gratitude journal time....i was watching Oprah's 20th anniversary dvd yesterday and she talked about the gratitude i'm starting one....well at least i'm going to try.
5 things i'm grateful for today....
-its not too hot outside, it was actually cool this morning
-stella is behaving herself and being pleasent
-internet is working well
-i got mail (even if it was just a newsweek)
-ate somtam for lunch (YUM!!!)

More later.........

Jan. 16th, 2006

02:57 pm - Only three weeks to go.....

AHHH!!!! Only three weeks till my parents and two of my sisters are coming to visit!!!! The time is going to go so slow!!!! OY!!!
More later......

Dec. 17th, 2005

10:02 am - Freezing in 65 degree weather

Okay so I'm pathetic! I'm sitting in my house wearing pants, a tshirt, and a sweater and thinking of putting socks on my feet to keep warm....the unusual part of this situation is that it's probably only around 70 degrees (maybe 65). When you get used to sweating all the time and suffering through 90-100 degree heat every day 70 degrees feels down right cold!!! At least i can pretend that it's cold and snowy out. Haha....and most of you reading this are suffering through ice and snow and really cold weather!! Enjoy!!
Only one more week till Christmas!!! Happy holidays and have a happy new year!!!

Dec. 14th, 2005

03:48 pm - You mean i'm actually living in Thailand

So there are days when i can almost forget that i'm living in Thailand. I didn't have one of those days recently. I was riding my bike home from the store the other day, not really paying attention to what was around me. As i was coming up to a stretch of houses i saw what i thought was two stray dogs outside on the sidewalk looking into a fence. As i got closer i took a double take when i noticed that it wasn't two stray was a stray dog and a GOAT!!! Yep a goat was just standing there on the sidewalk hanging the middle of town!!! Now i see chickens all the time (even people in the city keep chickens.....and i stay far away from them) and every once in awhile i'll see an elephant walking through the market.....but never have i seen a goat just standing on the side of the road!!!! It was just one of those moments when you have to laugh at the craziness of it all.
So this coming weekend I will be the first weekend all month that my puppy and I will get to spend some time together. I have been so busy for the past couple of weekends that i have had a friend take care of her. This will also be the only weekend this month we will be spending time together since I will be out of town for Christmas weekend and for new years weekend. I'm hoping that Jan brings calmer weekends. I can't believe that it's almost been a year....Jan 15 will make it a year!!!! Wild hey!!!! Well I hope everyone is having a good holiday and thinking of me often enjoying my sunny 70 degree weather:-P
More later............

Dec. 6th, 2005

02:17 pm - Let it snow

So i've decided that i really miss snow!!!! It just doesn't feel like december without cold weather and snow. Here it's about 70 degrees and sunny...ugh!!! I know all of you suffering though the ice and snow probably wish you were here with 70 degree sunny weather....i'll trade you!! I finally hung up my stocking so at least it sort of feels like christmas is coming. I'm going to buy a fake christmas tree this week and hopefully that will help with the christmas feeling.
More later........

Dec. 4th, 2005

08:49 am - longer entry

Okay now here comes the real test....will it let me send a longer entry? I am about to find out!!!

So not much has been going on here, just hanging out and trying not to kill my dog!! She has found a new way to get out of the fence and has found out that that there are a bunch of dogs that live down the street (not stray dogs, someone owns them so they are okay). She is a little too social for her own good which means i have to then chase her down the street and spend 10 minutes running around these people's yard trying to catch my stupid dog who doesnt come when called!!!! I'm so frustrated with her right now!!! But whatever.....
In other news i've been back at site for about a week now, i was in Bangkok for thanksgiving dinner last weekend. Our country director had us all over to his house for turkey and all the fixings.....good stuff!!! I was also able to see Harry Potter while i was in town!!! So good!!!! Of course out of all the movies so far it's the worst when it comes to leaving stuff out that was in the book, but what can they do unless they were to make it into two movies. Oh well i guess we can't have it all! Other than that not much is going on. I have the next two mondays off because they are thai holidays (love the thai holidays). Well that's all for now.
More later.........

08:48 am - Crappy internet

So i'm going to try sending a small entry to see if this works. my internet is been screwy lately and won't let me send things over the web such as journal entries and email. i can read email but i can't reply!! Really annoying!!!! Okay going to see if this sends!!!! more later.........(hopefully)

Nov. 18th, 2005

04:22 pm - Busy busy week

So this week is finally almost over and what a busy week it has been. It started off kinda slow, not much work to do. But then Wednesday was Loy Kratong (see previous journal entry). I ended up down at the big temple here in town that's right on the Nan river. We floated the kratongs we made (yes i made one all by myself). Then we saw a small part of a thai play that was being preformed. Then we went into town where there is a Chinese festival going on all week. We have a good amount of Chinese here in town so we get to celebrate the Thai holidays along with the Chinese. I'm still trying to figure out what the festival is for but they have food stands and chinese theater set up along with the ever present karaoke!! Finally headed home and then Thursday morning I woke up early and went to a wedding. One of my teacher friends, her daughter was getting married, so i got to see my first Thai wedding. It was pretty cool, lots of monks chanting and the bride and groom did a lot of bowing. A part of the wedding tradition is where the groom brings gifts to the brides family. Since the groom is from out of town i got to take part in the parade of gifts. We carried all the gifts, which ranged from banana trees to pig hindquarters to tins of cookies, up to the brides family. We ate breakfast while we were at the wedding also. Saturday night is the big party which will consist of more food and karaoke probably. I'll be going to that also but after spending the whole day at an English camp!! UGH!!! Tonight i plan on having an exciting night of watching War of the Worlds for the first time and keeping my dog from making me nuts!! Exciting i know....don't you wish you were me!!!
Oh and i had a good laugh the other day when i went to Lotus (think wall mart type store). I walked in and i saw these flashing lights that looked like chirstmas lights. So i walk over to the display and sure enough there are all these christmas lights and decorations and even fake christmas trees!!!! I'm so buying a little chirstmas tree to decorate and have in my house!!! I'm so excited!!!I love that even in a country where the majority of the population is buddist they still manage to have christmas decorations out before thanksgiving!!! Ahhhh, it's nice to see that somethings don't change no matter where you are!!! More later........

Nov. 16th, 2005

05:37 pm - Loy Gratong

Today is Loy Gratong, or in English, the holiday celebrated one the Full moon of november. There are large celebrations where people make Gratongs and then float them on the water. A gratong is made from the trunk of a banana tree, banana leaves and flowers. I was able to make one today with some Thai students. The students were making them for the temple to sell as a fundraiser. I got to keep the one i made and i'm going to go float it tonight on the lake near my house. From what i understand it is supposed to be good luck to float a gratong. The park near my house that has the lake is having a large festival for the celebration and that's where i'll be tonight. It's so interesting to see these festivals and it makes me appreciate the festivals and things back home. I'll share pictures and more info later. Happy Loy Gratong day!!!! More later..........

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